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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

In light of the ongoing coronavirus event and due to the potential risk posed to our volunteers, we've been forced to suspend recording from our Otley studio. This has also meant that it's not possible to prepare USB memory sticks for distribution, and indeed there are concerns around the potential risk that sending USB memory sticks in the mail may have posed to listeners.

Instead, a number of our volunteers are able to continue to record from home and upload the Talking Newspaper to the website, where the latest and a number of previous recordings are available to all those with internet connections. We do appreciate that not all our existing listeners will be able to access the Talking Newspaper, but the safety of our volunteers and listeners is our priority.

Anybody with a mobile device, tablet or PC and a broadband or 4G data connection should be able to listen to recordings online.

If you are having difficulty please do let us know.

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