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Photograph of yellow postage wallets


This role is to collect, empty out and check-in the returned yellow wallets that we use to distribute USB memory sticks to listeners. They'll also prepare a new set of wallets, one for each listener, ready to be sent out with a new memory stick containing the latest recording.

Photograph of the Editor selecting newspaper clippings


The Editor prepares ‘ready-to-read’ documents by cutting out stories of interest from the Wharfedale & Aireborough Observer and from the two free papers, the Wharfe Valley Times and, when available, the Pudsey Times. These are then passed to the Producer who will share them with Readers.

Photograph of the Producer handing clippings to Readers


The Producer's role is to guide the creation and delivery of the Talking Newspaper. They will decide on the order in which pieces from the paper are read, whether there's a good mix of stories included and will do a fair amount of reading themselves. They will also keep an eye on timing, in consultation with the Technician and Readers.

Photograph of a Reader speaking into microphone


The Reader's role is to read the edited newspaper into a microphone, which is then recorded by the Technician. Readers will have clear speaking voices and be able to keep to a steady pace. It also helps if they can remember to alert the Technician when they are coming to the end of their story, and can keep quiet while their fellow Readers are being recorded!

Photograph of the Technician\'s mixing desk


The Technician role ideally suits somebody with IT proficiency but it's not necessary to have had experience in a recording studio. The Technician records the Producer and Readers using a mixing desk and Adobe Audition, and will then produce a memory stick to be copied to the hundred or so we distribute to listeners.

If you think you might be able to spare some time to help out with any of the above roles we'd love to hear from you.

For the Producer and Reader roles it is necessary that you have a clear and steady speaking voice, but those less suited to reading might enjoy compiling the stories that we read (Editor) or indeed preparing the Wallets, an essential role as without them our listeners would never receive their USB memory sticks. The Technician role does depend on good IT proficiency as the Adobe Audition interface and the recording process can be a little daunting, but training will be provided and you won't be left on your own until you feel able to record without assistance.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us, stating your preferred role and providing a rough idea of your availability. Wallets are prepared on either a Tuesday or first thing on a Thursday morning, editing will be done first thing on a Thursday morning and the Producer, Readers and Technician will get together on Thursday to record. The Producer and Technician would have to spare about four and a half hours (11:00am - 3.30pm), while the readers will generally arrive at 1pm and leave at approximately 2:30pm.